At this moment, I'm purely and wholly dissatisfied by social media. A place once meant to build communities has become a breeding ground of self-validation through the idea of "likes" and "follows". I'm aware that I am far from the first person to state this and I pray I won't be the last... so I won't subject you to long spiraling rant of madness that I'm prone to do. Instead of doing all that, I figured I should channel that energy into building a community here. Let's see if we can bring back a sense of commonality to the internet. With that being said, I present "IN TSTMNT", a place where we can engage in ideas, references and culture. Whether I'm talking to you or myself, I will constantly update you on what is going on in TSTMNT and I hope you share your vision for where TSTMNT should go. 

I'm excited for the future but I'm even more excited for the present. 



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